Erlenmeyer is a teapot named after the chemist and creator of the conical laboratory flask, Emil Erlenmeyer. Originally a feature of Emil’s flask, the angled walls of the teapot collect the condensing hot vapors and minimize water loss. The teapot features a test tube inspired tea infuser that can be inserted into either spout, depending on the user’s handedness, with the open spout to be used for pouring. 

This prototype was co-designed with Nopasorn (Prim) Incharoensakdi and created with the help of Sky Glass.

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As N.P.R. reported in May, services that “were once free, including those that are constitutionally required,” are now frequently billed to offenders: the cost of a public defender, room and board when jailed, probation and parole supervision, electronic monitoring devices, arrest warrants, drug and alcohol testing, and D.N.A. sampling. This can go to extraordinary lengths: in Washington state, N.P.R. found, offenders even “get charged a fee for a jury trial — with a 12-person jury costing $250, twice the fee for a six-person jury.”

The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism (via disabilityhistory)

For profit “Justice” System.

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Alps Ettore Moni

Even though high-altitude tourism is undoubtedly a considerable source of income for mountain communities – who are frequently neglected by national agricultural and farming support policies - massive anthropisation brings about a significant modification of landscape. The pictures of this inquiry aim at upsetting the viewers to make them feel like any mountain enthusiast who at the end of their trip are faced with something they would not want to find. My goal is to sensitize everybody and make them be aware of the irreversible damage that is nowadays suffered by our wonderful landscapes.”